Cats Eye

Cats Eye

Cat'seye is a naturally occurring gemstone found usually in igneous rocks and alluvial deposits. Cat's eye is a precious gemstone. Another name of Cat's eye is Lehsuniya. The name of cat's eye gemstone has been derived from the effect and rays of the stone. Cat's eye may available in different colours and all the colours of cat's eye have their similar effects and impacts. According to astrology, cat’s eye is associated with the planet Ketu. The most effective cat's eye for the astrological purpose is the Chrysoberyl cat's eye.

Associated planet: Cat's eye is associated with the planet Ketu.

Mining area: Orissa, Srilanka, India and others.

Benefits of wearing Cat's eye:

~ Cat's eye is associated with the planet Ketu therefore the energies of planet Ketu provides greater awareness and sharp memory.

~ Cat's eye is beneficial for the health and wealth both.

~ Cat's eye relieves mental stress and depression of the wearer.

~ Cat's eye has the capacity of restart a closed business.

~ This is a gem for risk takers and adventurous persons.

~ Cat's eye is beneficial in case of evil eye. it protect the wearer from negative energies.