Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire

A Blue sapphire gemstone is a naturally occurring gemstone, found usually in igneous rocks and in alluvial deposits. Blue sapphire is a precious gemstone related to the family of corundum. Another name of blue sapphire is neelam. It is a transparent and clean gemstone with natural inclusions in it. Blue sapphire is known for its beautiful blue color. Blue is considered to be the best optimum color among all other colors. According to astrology, the blue sapphire gemstone is related to the planet Saturn. Among all the nine astrological gemstones the blue sapphire is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstone.

Associated planet: Blue sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn.

Mining area: Srilanka (Ceylon, Burma, Thailand.

Benefits of wearing Blue sapphire:

~ Blue sapphire relates to the planet Saturn therefore blessed the wearer with mental clarity, clears confusion, improves focus and concentration and blesses the wearer with correct decision making ability.

~ Blue sapphire helps in removing negativity and blessed the wearer with health, wealth, good luck, fortune, promotion etc.

~ Blue sapphire or Neelam is the fastest acting gemstone as it protects from enemies, jealousy etc.

~ Blue sapphire blessed the wearer with multiple sources of income and gives direction of work.