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Benefits Of Ruby(Manik) Gemstone

Sun, considered as the King of the Universe, possesses the capability of impacting our lives, positively as well as negatively. While the positive position of the Sun ensures positive energy, good health, spontaneity, and passion, it's negative impacts can bring in sadness, negativity, gloom, financial problems, and health problems. To balance the impacts of positive and negative energy in our lives, Ruby stone plays an effective role. Ruby is known to embody the positive and negative energies of the Sun, and thus wearing it, can impart you with several benefits.

● Improves The Health

The individual who wears the ruby stone is supposed to derive the benefits of good health. Those who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency can experience better health benefits and helps to fight several health benefits. Apart from it, those who tend to suffer from blood pressure, backbone related issues, jaundice, and diarrhea can find it highly beneficial for their health.

● Attaining Leadership Qualities

Everybody wants to attain leadership qualities, but hardly anybody can achieve it. By wearing a Ruby stone, you can experience the greater impact of Sun energy, which will soon help you achieve the position of the monarch, in your group.

● Boosts Confidence Level

Ruby possesses the positive energies of the Sun, and thus have the capability to boost the level of confidence in an individual. If you are someone who lacks the courage to show in your workplace, or in front of the people, then wearing a Ruby can really help.

● Clear The Obstacles

If you are facing hurdles and obstacles in the path of your career, then the Ruby can help you clear the obstacles. The positive powers of Ruby counteract the negativity that comes in your way, thus blessing you with a life without problems.

● Incites The Passion

Passion is the key ingredient that you need to develop a love

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The power of beautiful gemstones

The saying beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder doesn't hold true when it comes to gemstones for their natural sparkles are captivating for every eye. The vibrant colours and different shapes are what makes a gem mesmerizing to one's soul and mind. Gemstones are not only dear to human beings but God and Goddesses as well due to their luring nature. Gems have been there since the inception of the Earth. We have read about gemstones in Vedas and Puranas.


Gems are usually classified into three parts i.e. Jaivik (creature), Vanaspatik (plant), and Khanij (mines). Corals, pearls and other such gemstones belong to Jaivik, whereas, Amber comes under Jaivik and the rest is covered by Khanij. This was about natural gemstones, lately more and more artificial, synthetic & man-made gemstones are making their way into the market.  

Gems have both positive and negative effects on a person s life. People still remain curious to know more about gemstones, how they work and how a gemstone can nullify the bad effects of a planet. The answer is very straightforward, gems act as a regulator and all the rays, coming from planets, is absorbed by them. The absorbed rays reach our chakras via our brain and make a room for peace, thereby, normalizing our senses. After all, it is really important for our minds to work smoothly to be successful.

This is the crucial reason that astrologers prompt you to go for natural gems instead of artificial gemstones. Natural gemstones take millions of years to form, thus have sufficient time to absorb the rays from different planets. They get completely charged to represent each planet. Whereas artificial gemstones are made in labs

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Check how original is your gemstone?


People are often found complaining about their gemstones not proving to be effective. The other person will come up with a number of excuses such as, maybe you are expecting results too soon, you should try another stone, you are not wearing it right, the stone doesn`t match with your planet, etc, etc. However, hardly you will find a person who will say, Are you sure that your stone is real? Therefore, even if you are doing everything right but your stone's quality is wrong, you should not be expecting a positive outcome too soon.

So, before you invest your money and time in buying the right gemstone, spare some more time to check its authenticity as well. Here are a few grounds on the basis of which you can find out a gemstone`s originality: -  

☑️ Colour Test:

This is one of the key factors to check if a gemstone is real or not. When a real gemstone is exposed to light, it displays a full spectrum of colours a resembling rainbow. You cannot expect the same from a fake stone. However, do not rely on this single ground as at times deeply coloured stones also don`t pass this test.


☑️ Gemstone Treatment:

Usually, gemstone carries a birthmark, whereas, an impeccable stone is most likely to be a fake one. You can always research what treatment does a gemstone goes under, so that it looks wearable and at the same time doesn`t lose its originality. If you know the treatment clear then you can even ask the seller about the treatment of the stone because generally, treatment of gemstone doesn`t consist of anything more than cutting and polishing.


☑️ Certified Gemstone:

When you are ready to pay a hefty price for a gemstone then I am sure you will not have much of an issue to travel extra miles if you are 100% sure that the gemstone you are buying is completely authentic. Therefore, next time you buy a gemstone ask for the cer

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