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Blue Sapphire


Some state truly, some state no. The individuals who state yes are commonly those obtaining the more significant and increasingly uncommon untreated sapphires and rubies from the verifiably celebrated mines of spots like Burma, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka. As a general rule, if a hued gemstone establishes a precedent at selling off, it is an untreated sapphire or untreated ruby from one of those three areas. Quite a bit of what makes that sold jewel significant will be its carat weight, it's quality and immersion of shading, and afterwards its eminent inception. Valuation of significant sapphires and rubies includes a summation of all the stone's characteristics and contrasting that summation with what has previously. A few areas, for example, are known for littler gemstones, so when a huge rock is discovering, the uncommonness of that stone ascents fundamentally.

While Sri Lanka Burma, despite everything has ruby and sapphire generation; Kashmir's significant long stretches of creation possibly endured from 1882-1887. We were starting when an avalanche high in the Kudi Valley in the Zanskar scope of the Himalayas uncovered vast numbers of the now popular smooth cornflower blue sapphire precious stones. The Kashmir source gives an extremely moderate stream of sapphires into the market, and what we, by and large, observe now are Kashmir sapphires once in a while appearing on the closeout square. A decent substitute for that well known cornflower blue can find in the best sapphires from Sri Lanka.

Regardless of whether you're not dishing out a million bucks for sapphire, the starting point of your sapphire does in any case hold significance. First and foremost, the starting point is the stone's origin – sort of a decent thing to know. On the off chance that you need to choose what source is your top pick, you might have the option to see slight contrasts between blue sapphires from Burma and Sri Lanka. Burmese Sapphires will, in general, be a darker imperial

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How to Know a Real Gemstones

Real Gemstone is available in different parts of the world. It can be found in mining lands and high end jewelry workshops. Gemstones are of different shapes and sizes and they have different benefits. In many jewelry shops gems stones are widely available. Gemstones can be real as well as heated one. Gemstones can be used in jewelry like finger rings and necklaces. It can also be used for horoscopes. The real gemstones are basically used in horoscope rings. Many people believe that gem stones have particular benefits in daily life if they use it regularly. They believe in power of gemstones.

Benefits of gemstones :-

Gemstones have benefits in daily life. It’s not always the high price that one can get by selling gemstones. It gives quite bigger profit than any other stones. The business of precious stones is quite beneficial and it can make a person richer overnight. However, the real gemstones are very hard to get. Some of the most beneficial gemstones are blue sapphire gemstones, labradorite stone, sphatik idol that was found largely in Indian sub continent in the Mughal age, and moon stones. Moon stones are abundantly found in many places of Asian subcontinent and America. Apart from that, people put Moon Stone, Diamonds, Brazilian Emerald, Garnet, Cabochon, Panna and Black Diamond in their finger rings as a sign of goodwill. People believe that gem stones keep their mind in peace and help them coordinate with daily life. From ancient time, gemstones are used by rich people in their head wears and finger rings. They believed in supernatural power of gem stones. Topaz is also used as a precious gem stone along with ruby. The gemstones increase concentration and connection to the inner soul. Gemstones have the best healing power to many diseases. This is believed from the primitive age. Gems like the white diamond, garnet, blood stone and aquamarine, etc are believed to be the best stones with healing power. They can be worn by any

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Blue Sapphire Attractive Rings For Women

Blue is the most attractive color in Sapphire; it symbolizes the sign of royalty and boldness. Talking about the most beautiful cut pieces in jewelry; rings are always positioned on top for both married and unmarried women. The Sapphire color which is always in demand is Blue gemstone; it is a very good combination of classy as well as eye-catching accessories. You can order blue sapphire gemstones ring in different shape and size.

Most popular designs:

Some most popular designs of 2019 are:

• Blue Sapphire Heart Shape Ring

• Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

• Blue Sapphire Silver Ring

• Neelam Stone Ring

• Blue Sapphire stone Ring

• Crown Shaped Blue Sapphire Ring

Whether you are searching an engagement ring or latest accessories, the trendy piece of blue sapphire rings is available in national or international market. The fine cutting or beautiful designs are also available at online stores. Neelam stone ring in Delhi is equally the same as buy blue sapphire stone ring online.

Gemstone which mesmerizes everyone:

Attractive pieces of Jewelry are always considered as the best friend of every woman. Considering about colored gemstones Blue Sapphire is in trend nowadays. You must have noticed celebrities’ ring finger candy or colored sparkle rings look beautiful or enchanting. Blue is always considered as the sign of purity; hence the mesmerizing composition of aluminum oxide is speechless.

No doubt your jewelry is the only thing which can jazz up your outfit or enhance your floral beauty. The fusion of western dresses with blue Sapphire Gemstones ring is not less than elegance or subtle glimmer. It symbolizes your standard or classy behavior which keeps you on top always. In traditional language, it is also known as neelam stone ring.

Delicate tinge or blue sapphire looks amazing when

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Never Too Late For A Blue Sapphire

Belonging to the family of Corundum mineral, Blue Sapphires are a gorgeous and brilliant gemstone, which in India, also is popular by the name of neelam stone. Blue Sapphires are a part of the navaratna stones and holds a score of a superb 9 on the Moh’s Scale of hardness. Blue Sapphires symbolise fortune, serenity, bliss, and wisdom, and hold a great importance in the realm of the ancient vedic astrology.

Blue Sapphires: A History

Blue sapphire gemstone was also very famous in the ancient times. The name Sapphire has also been derived from the Greek word Sappheiros. The people of ancient Greece and Rome used to consider this stone as a protective talisman. The ancient people considered these sapphires to be the representation of romance, royalty, truth, and faithfulness. Blue sapphires are very famous among the aristocrats and clergy, alike. Moreover, the Persians also believed that the earth is a giant ball of blue sapphire and the colour of the sky is a mere reflection of it. Even, till the middle ages, clergymen used to wear this gemstone and considered it as a symbol of Heaven.

Sources of Blue Sapphire

Natural blue sapphire gemstones are mined at various locations all across the globe, such as India, Ceylon, Burma, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Africa, and Brazil. Mainly, these stones are primarily mined in Australia and Thailand. However, the best Blue Sapphires are found in Burma and then Ceylon.


Blue sapphires have been assigned as the birthstone for the September babies, and is worn by those mainly who belong to the house of Taurus.

It is the stone which symbolises the planet Saturn.

The name “Sapphire” can be roughly translated into “Dear to Saturn”.

Sapphires hold the position of being precious since 800 BC.

Blue Sapphires have been described by a poet

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How To Wear Neelam Stone

Neelam Stone

Neelam or blue sapphire is the gemstone associated with Saturn. Maybe this is one of the Navratnas (nine pearls of crystal gazing) that is credited with many legends. Neelam gemstone is accepted to have the ability to transform a homeless person into a ruler and a lord into beggar. Blue sapphire is a quick-acting gemstone and a profoundly incredible pearl to wear.

Any gemstone and particularly Neelam gemstone must be worn after a careful examination of the birth outline of the person. Negative or even harmful outcomes may come about because of wearing blue sapphire under troublesome planetary positions or by wearing low-quality stones that accompany defects.


Properties of Neelam stone

The dark Blue Sapphire or Neelam gemstone, as it is prevalently known, contains Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3).

While the Diamond is viewed as the hardest among all gemstones, the Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone comes a nearby second when we talk about the hardness quo. The hardness of this gemstone on the Mohs scale is 9.

Fine medium-dull blue sapphires of rich tone originate from Kashmir in India. With their cornflower blue shading and somewhat smooth appearance, Kashmir sapphires are viewed as the most excellent gemstones.

A Natural Neelam gemstone is generally sliced into an oval shape to hold the most extreme weight and acquire a high carat cleaned sapphire jewel.


Who can wear the Neelam stone

  • An Aries local should wear the Blue Sapphire (Neelam) just when Saturn's significant period is in progress. People for whom Saturn is put in the second, seventh, tenth, and eleventh house can attempt and wear this gemstone.
  • A Taurus ascendant in whose outlines
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Benefits of Neelam Stone

Neelam Stone

If you want to know the positive benefits of neelam stone before you buy this useful stone. Then must check the large advantages of the neelam stone. Complete information about neelam stone as given below.

Neelam stone, otherwise called as blue sapphire gemstone is a very powerful gemstone with extravagant qualities and look. This neelam stone is one of the fastest acting gemstone as its positive energies conceal the users from bad eyes instantly. It is the second hardest natural material available after diamond. Neelam stone color varies between dark and Light-based upon its hue and saturation. This stone has a divine beauty in every single gem because of the alluring color that is distributed evenly in gems. There are many benefits of blue sapphire, one among them is it acts like a guardian and protects from other people bad eyes, jealousy and other negative energies. It also protects wearers from certain health issues like kidney and liver problems. This neelam stone creates a charge of positive energy around the wearer’s body and it also gives mental stability and the user will stay focused on their will.

Effects of Wearing Neelam Gemstone

There are many positive effects and benefits of blue sapphire stones, but  wearing a blue sapphire also has flaws that can lead to accidents, health problems and fall from grace. This stone is one of the fasting acting gemstones and the impact is felt instantaneously. It diminishes the unfavorable effects of negative planets in a birth chart. They can neutralize the effects of poison, snake bite and even harmful spirits or entities. The Neelam stones are typically set in rings or pendants and always have an open back setting. Suppose the stone is translucent such as Diamond or emerald the gem need not touch the skin si

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Wear Perfect Neelam Stone – Get Perfect Solution

By wearing a perfect gemstone according to astrology people gets some relief in their life.

Neelam is the gemstone of Saturn (Shani Grah). It is also known as Blue Sapphire. Neelam should be worn with utmost caution. This appealing gemstone is composed of Aluminium Oxide and it belongs to the family of the mineral Corundum.

Neelam Stone can be shows instant impact that includes rise in wealth, solution for troubles, and an increase in confidence A Neelam Stone is found in three hues, namely, Green, Purple and Violet. The royal look carried by this gemstone make it irresistible to own and wear. Neelam Stone is that the birthstone for the month of September. It is additionally counseled for fifth, twenty third and forty fifth centenaries.

If the world Saturn/ Shani happens to be very weak or Delapilated (neech) in keeping with your horoscope, then the gemstone blue sapphire is your good gem for you. Neelam Stone helps scale back the malevolent effects of Saturn (Shani) in one’s horoscope.

The Neelam stone is best for people of Capricorn zodiac sign (Makar Rashi) and Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi). Apart from that, anyone who also wants to reduce the negative effects of saade-saati can wear Neelam stone. The main source of Neelam Stone is Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka, Kashmir (Jammu) mines and Burma (Myanmar) mines.

As per as the astrological belief, when a gemstone embedded ring is worn by a person, this enables the gemstone to heal and benefit the person in a better way. This is because while wearing a ring, the back of the gemstone comes in direct contact with the skin of the finger of its wearer. While wearing Neelam Stone Rings, people have been benefited in such astonishing ways which makes this gemstone one of the four most important gemstones along with Diamonds, R

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Everything You Need To Know About Neelam Stones

Blue sapphire Ring

Neelam stones are basically the Ratnas, which is called Gemstone in English. Ratna is a Sanskrit term, which basically means the most valuable asset; something which is rare or the rarest. Moreover, these are absolutely enduring in nature as well. Ratna can be referred to as the most attractive gemstone in English. As Neelam stones meet all these qualities, it too falls into the category of Ratna. However, there is another more specific definition of Neelam stones as well; i.e. the Blue Sapphire Gemstone. People often inquire about the price of blue sapphire. But, importance should be given to its effects, rather than simply price. 

What is Neelam Ratna or Neelam gemstone?

From an astrology point of view, Neelam stone is considered the Ratna of Saturn(Shani). Shani effect on the human body and mind is related to the Karma that one has done. Hence, Neelam stone is recommended to those who have the Shani Dosh due to their karmas. Wearing a blue sapphire ring or Neelam stone can be extremely effective for such people. Neelam stone is considered the most powerful way of avoiding Shani Dosh in modern times or in Kalyug. In fact, the best quality Blue Sapphire ring can give instant results as well in this regard. 

Who should wear it?

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